5 Things to Do When You Retire

One of the many great things about retirement is that you finally have time to do the things you’ve always dreamed about. You have time on your hands, hopefully a little nest egg and also a lack of self-consciousness that perturbs the young- all of these contribute to a sense of freedom and entitlement to realize your goals and plans. Whats nice too is many bucket list items don’t even require a lot of money, just a bit of creativity. There are loads of fun, engaging activities and adventures that are affordable for retirees. Here, we give you a few suggestions to spark ideas for your own life.

Be a Campground Host

Many older Americans move among state, national and private parks and campgrounds, staying for extended visits. In exchange for free camping, these retirees help park managers and campers with chores like leading nature walks, tidying campsites, collecting fees and offering a friendly welcome to other campers. This is a great and frugal way to explore nature and have plenty of social opportunities.

Help in a Classroom

If you enjoy children/adolescents and would like to try your hand at teaching a specific course (or multiple ones), consider being a teacher’s aide. Teachers’ aides are paid to help in classrooms in many ways- tutoring, supervising play or grading papers. Aides take tasks off teachers’ hands so they can focus on teaching. Or if you’re interested in full-time work, consider becoming a teacher in the more traditional sense. You don’t necessarily need a teaching degree to become certified as a K-12 teacher these days. Alternative certification programs help potential teachers with degrees in other fields get into the classroom.

Get More into Arts and Crafts

If painting, drawing and crafts are your thing, you might find it useful to sample different classes and approaches before settling on one. Cities are full of academies and workshops that offer classes to beginners. Community colleges classes and arts and crafts stores have classes, too. Also if you get into crafting, consider selling your wares via the online arts and crafts market, Etsy.

Become a Better Cook

Even if you’ve been cooking all your life, it's always fun to try something new, like a class in Asian or Italian cooking, in knife skills or fermented foods or maybe holiday baking. Look for classes at community colleges, higher-end grocery stores and kitchen supply stores like Williams Sonoma.

Visit the Country of Your Dreams

Most people have a country that they find themselves inexplicably fascinated with and drawn to. Retirement is a great time to finally visit. Your schedule is freed up at last and you can visit during off-peak times, making the stay less expensive. You are also freer to stay for longer periods of time, which lets you really soak up the culture of the country; it also gives you the option to stay in an apartment instead of a costly hotel. Check out airbnb for apartments/houses to stay in all over the world.


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